Owen Owen Garden Party 1911 and the Owen Owen store on London Road in 1910

Thanks to our new Wirral volunteer visitor John Lindsay for sending in these wonderful postcards from his archive showing the London Road Owen Owen store on its completion in 1910 and a garden party from June 1911. 

The Owen Owen garden party took place in June 1911. Following the death of Owen Owen on 27th March 1910 Edward Allen took over as sole managing director supported by Charles Underwood and George Lenton. We believe these are the three seated gentlemen in the photgraph with Edward Allen in the centre.

The second image shows Audley House, London Road following its completion in 1910 (note the tram car advert) Built and extended in stages the building is loosely modelled on Marshall and Snelgroves in Oxford Street, London. The reverse of this postcard shows a message apologising for the delay and promising collection of goods by van in the course of the next few days.

There are also a couple of images from London Road circa 1902 and 1906.