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Here we bring you news and highlights of members activities.

Gallery of Gardens

Gallery of Gardens

Gallery of Gardens Gallery of Gardens  Nature has been the saving grace of lockdown for many of us and those lucky enough to have gardens have been able to enjoy spending more time than usual in them enjoying the sunshine (when we have it). We asked people to send in...

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Christmas Newsletter 2021

Christmas Newsletter 2021

I do not understand how December always manages to creep up on me – perhaps we are still so busy adapting to the new world in which we live that some of the day to day rituals have become less meaningful. However, I hope that you are all looking forward to a better...

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Our staff and volunteers host a number of events throughout the UK. When we do we try and bring you images from these events. 

We run a variety of events from Afternoon Tea to Christmas dinners, organised with the help of our national network of Volunteers.

Here you will find articles and information on these events. 

Image: An old advert for the Hair and Styling Salon


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